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What we do

We use our experience working with indigenous producers and cooperatives in the Amazon, soft commodities trade finance, fund management and our network of local and international partners to carefully select enterprises which can use the capital investment to increase their financial returns, protect the forest, benefit their community and deliver a return to our investors.


For investors,

we provide sustainable financial returns and investments that have a genuine impact on the ground - both for the environment and people.  These are ESG investments that contribute to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.   

For borrowers,

we make concessional loans available to grow sales, open new markets and business opportunities for responsibly-grown commodities and support their land and forest conservation efforts.

We establish long-term partnerships and agreements that are fair and equitable.

For commodity buyers, we are increasing access to high quality commodities from producers adopting transparent, sustainable practices across the value chain.  

What we offer 


Trade Finance

We specialise in trade finance to provide much needed working capital for farmers and producers.  Loans provide results-based incentives to meet environmental and social targets such as improving land use, reducing deforestation and improving farmers’ incomes.



We provide mid-term capex loans to improve productivity (such as processing and storage facilities) and work closely with indigenous producers and their communities to provide the finance needed to expand agroforestry and reforestation on their land. 


Investment across the supply chain

We invest to increase the size and accessibility of international markets for responsibly grown commodities.  We lend to farmers’ cooperatives established to boost the collective power of the farmers’ to source buyers, negotiate better prices and more efficiently harvest, process, store and transport their produce to buyers.   We also support the growth of buyers committed to deforestation-free supply chains and forest conservation. 


Technical Assistance

We guide and train the cooperatives, communities, and farmers  to better manage their lands, reduce deforestation, increase agroforestry and increase access to markets for their commodities.